Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the latest release in the high end mobile phone market from Samsung. Personally I think the curved edges are more of a gimmick than a functional addition and I don’t like the idea of not having the bezel going all the way around the rim in order to protect the screen when placed face down.

The guy in the video comments that the new design produces distortion and colour deviations from the way the light now reflects on the screen.

The Advantages of Using a Mobile Hairdresser

leeds-home-hairdresserAs a woman who is cognizant of her hair style, a visit to a salon is almost a must. However, as risky as it may sound, you do not have to go to a salon to get your hair done. This is because you can always hire a mobile hairdresser in Leeds. Mobile hairdressers visit their clients in their homes. The advantages of using a mobile hairdresser are numerous, and it may be time to consider this option. Some of the main benefits of using a oneĀ are listed below.

There is no denying that modern women lead busy lives. Thus, very few women today find time to go to a salon and get their hair done. Instead of trying to squeeze in sometime into your busy schedule for a salon visit, why not call a mobile hairdresser. Also known as freelance hairdressers, mobile hairdressers are flexible enough to accommodate the busy schedule of their clients. Moreover, a freelance hairdresser can be available to a client on a short notice. Thus, when compared to a salon, hiring a mobile hairdresser is a more convenient option. This is especially for breastfeeding mothers who may not find time for a salon visit.

Time is a limited resource that can never be regained when lost. As such, wasting time is sometimes not an option, especially for career women. Unfortunately, a visit to a salon will cost more and consume a substantial chunk of your precious time. This is, particularly when you take into account fuel expenses. With a mobile hairdresser, such as there are no fuel expenses to consider as there is no travelling involved. Additionally, since there is no travelling involved, it takes you less time to have you hair done with a freelance hairdresser than with a salon.